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The USIM is a militia dedicated to brotherhood, honor , and discipline. We are looking for members aged 17 and older. The USIM is a military brotherhood. Please do not view us as a radical militia. We are merely just ordinary citizens who wish to have a group of military enthusiasts . If you wish to join the USIM, contact Colonel Boling at

Basic Laws and Rules in the USIM.

1) Respect your Commanders and fellow soldiers.

2) Treat each other as equals, which means no arrogance or bullying.

3) No racism or white supremacist views or actions are allowed..

4) Any insubordination against officers or high-ranking enlisted militia will not be tolerated.

5) Any soldier who resigns their rank will be given an honorable discharge.

6) Any soldier caught with drugs, alcohol, stealing from other soldiers, or threatening high ranking officers or enlisted militia will be immediately given a dishonorable discharge.

Rules and Guidelines are Final and should be followed.

Colonel Mason Boling

Commander, United States Imperial Militia 

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